Each garment is made using french and flat felled seams. There is absolutely no overlocking anywhere in our garments! We believe each garment should look just as beautiful on the inside as it's outer, so we encase the seams rather than just do a quick zoom with an overlocking machine. This also improves durability and nods back to the techniques of yesteryear which are rarely utilised in the cheaper and quicker mass production techniques of high street clothing . If you’re anything like me and stay in bed for far to long in the mornings, only to discover you only have 2 minutes to then get ready...then proceed to put everything on either back to front or inside out...our garments are perfect for you...Because the inside of the garments look just as polished as the outer, no one will ever know!



Each garment has been stitched with a hand sewing needle somewhere in its journey to become a finished garment. Wether its basting a neckline or securing a turned up cuff, we feel that this  is intrinsically important for quality and adding the makers brushstroke (aka: needle and thread stroke) to each individual garment.   Our garments are not mass produced and wether it be when we are stitching on the machine or with a needle and thread... each is stitch is stitched with love.  




Each and every garment is made here in our countryside studio in Berry, Australia. We keep all parts of the production under one roof to ensure quality and a brand built upon the mindfulness of slow living in this epic world. This is something we are very passionate about and will always be the foundations of Windlewood as we continue to grow.