our origins 


Cody has worked for many years in the costume and fashion industries both in Sydney and London. It was whilst working at Shakepeare's Globe Theatre with hand stitched doublets, chain stitching actor's initials into collars and the immersing herself into the lost art of Elizabethan ruffmaking,  she crazily decided to pack up her suitcase and head back to Australia.  Filled to the brim with inspiration, perfect timings  and an eagerness to show this backstage world to a wider audience, Cody launched her first collection at the end of 2016. Nearly two years on and the Windlewood studio sits amongst the rolling hills, diary farms and stillness of  the small country town  of Berry. 4 collections,  2 pop ups shops, residencies within boutiques and a booth at the Finders Keepers Market last year, what a complete whirlwind the past 19 months have been!   


our ethos

Windlewood handcrafts french seams of natural cloth into garments to be journeyed amongst life’s adventures. Without your stories inside the garments, they are simply just pieces of lifeless cloth. Our garments hold our inspirations and a part of our heart but truly come alive with the voyage of your steps, wherever they may go.

 In a recent interview Cody expressed these views on starting a clothing label,  "I often think, when you step back, our world doesn’t need any more clothing, so if I am going to contribute to this mass, I need to do it mindfully, differently and consciously". Windlewood is  built upon the foundations of providing high quality fabrics paired with impeccable craftsmanship (Learn more here ) from all under one studio roof. The  labours of love (the garments!) continuously  highlight the belief  in the ideals  of slow fashion, slow living  and a mindful, careful consumption of products in a fast paced consumerist world.



The name "Windlewood" is a  play on Cody's last name "Winward" (pronounced Winwood)  and "Windle" which is a measure of wheat. It has a character that flows with  heritage and rustic charm that blend together with the underlying aesthetic and ethos of the brand.